Securing a role in education in the current climate

01 April 2020 Sara Onnebo

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Welcome to the world of Level 7 – your one-stop destination for the most exciting teaching jobs in London!

We help you take your career to the next level! Our experienced consultants all come from a school or social care background, we know what the students need to succeed inside, and outside the classroom. At level 7 we are passionate about teaching and together with our clients, candidates and other partners, we strive to raise the standards in education. We aim to provide the best outcome for young people. Our schools need you!

Level 7 are working proactively with London schools to facilitate their recruitment processes at this incredibly challenging time of the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Dedicated recruitment consultants guide you at every stage of the process – from application to a job offer – helping you navigate the London education recruitment market and finding your dream job

2. Efficient onboarding to ensure you’re cleared to work in record time

3. Fully online onboarding process (no more paper documents!) – virtual registration slots available!

4. Online interview preparation – increase your chances of success

5. Remote interview process with schools – using state of the art technology, we can ensure you are still able to shine at interview

6. Secure your role ahead of time – schools are reserving people just like you for Easter and September assignments

7. Take comfort in the knowledge you have a role with Level 7 that will pay you to scale from day one (inclusive of holiday!)

Level 7 are currently being inundated with attractive job opportunities for both Easter (should school open) and September. Thanks to our cutting edge technology, we can continue supporting people like you, and the schools we serve. If you are ready to make a change, we want to hear from you! 

We look forward to welcoming you to the team! 

Best wishes,

The Level 7 Team