About Level 7

They call it a placement; but for us it is your next chapter


Our goal isn’t simply to fill vacancies. Instead, we make it our priority to support and inspire people to grow and evolve in their careers. For us, it is important to align our goals to yours – for Level 7, it’s personal! Level 7 is a boutique, privately owned recruitment company focused on Education and Public Sector recruitment. Our modern office is situated in the heart of vibrant Camden with candidates and clients across the South East and wider UK. Read on to find out what makes us special:


We exist to make a genuine match between each candidate and client; to facilitate a meeting of minds, if you will. A lot of work goes into achieving this, but we’re more than game… if you are! ​We aim to present the best and most varied choices in this marketplace, for both candidates and clients, with the overall mission of improving outcomes for everyone.



Our vision is to be the first choice for staffing solutions within Education and the Public Sector, a top destination for career opportunities for all Education and Public Sector professionals and the best employer in the recruitment industry for consultants who want to make a real difference to people’s lives.


The 7 pillars of Level 7 underpin all that we do. Our success is built on:

  1. Having high expectations, always.

  2. Valuing exceptional customer service, prioritising honesty and integrity.

  3. Investing quality time in understanding our candidates.

  4. Working actively to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients.

  5. Combining passion with motivation and sense of fun.

  6. Collaboration, loyalty and commitment to team work.

  7. Thinking creatively, being adaptable to change and always seeking opportunities to learn.